The woman behind Delicata House (Plus a little about how I got started.)


Meet Kim

Hello friend!


I'm Kim Pollack, owner and maker at Delicata House. In early 2018, I started this business to share my love of holistic, alternative health modalities and my natural handcrafted products with others.

Since then, I've studied aromatherapy, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and Western herbalism, earning several certifications and working on more. This has informed both what I offer and how I make my products.

I believe that most people can take responsibility for their personal health and wellness and can benefit from using natural ways to journey toward greater wellbeing (whenever possible.) 

I look forward to encouraging you on your wellness journey with the products and services I offer here at Delicata House!

Things to know about me:

  • I'm the biggest book nerd.

  • I blog at Life of Kim.

  • I perform with my husband in our acoustic duo, The Inner Crazy.

  • Herbs + flowers in my garden make me happy.

  • British mysteries + Nordic Noir TV series are the best!

  • I love cozy GF, plant-based meals shared around our kitchen table, with candlelight, flowers, cloth napkins, and jazz playing softly in the background.

  • Winter is my favorite season (I'm Pitta-dominant.)

  • Poetry lover